Office Hour on "No Matter What: A Family Story of Addiction Recovery"

April 26, 2023 2:00–3:00 pm EDT

Produced by Joining Forces for Children and filmed in Lancaster in 2022, “No Matter What: A Family Story of Addiction Recovery” follows the story of the The Theurer Family, a multi-generational family that includes a father and adult daughter in recovery, her five-year-old son, a mother, and a teenage daughter in one home. The film intertwines each individual’s experience, strength, and hope as they recover from addiction together.

Chris Glover grew up in a household impacted by addiction. She considers herself a loved one in recovery and an advocate for others to begin their own recovery process. Her work in special education and public health coupled with her personal experience nudged Chris into advocating for others impacted by addiction.

Melanie Avila lives in a family impacted by addiction. She is a loved one in recovery, working daily to support her three daughters on their recovery journey. Melanie’s work with youth all over the globe brings a unique lens to her role; she is always striving to meet young folks where they are and support them in their discovery of self and healing.