Hope Navigator Introductory Webinar (2023)

, -  (3 - 4pm EDT)
Hosted by JBS

This webinar is intended to provide an introduction to Hope Science and the vast research about how finding, enhancing, and modeling hope can transform clients, employees, and stakeholders in your work. There are many benefits to Hope Navigator Training, including its effectiveness in supporting healing from Childhood Trauma. Trauma-exposed individuals who utilize Hope strategies have better self-regulation, lower rates of depression/anxiety, lower rates of suicidal ideation, improved social relationships, improved educational achievement, and positive character development. Service providers who utilize Hope strategies have lower burnout, lower symptoms of secondary traumatic stress, lower turnover, increased job satisfaction, increased engagement, and higher wellbeing. As Chan Hellman said, “Hope is the belief that the future will be better than today and that I have the power to make it so.” Join us and learn more about Hope Science!